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2-in-1 Hair Clay and Pomade

2-in-1 Hair Clay and Pomade

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The original 2-in-1 Hair Clay and Pomade is the signature of Balens. Allow yourself unlimited possibilities and variations to customize your look with the ability to mix clay and pomade together. 

The clay allows a firm hold and matte finish, while the pomade offers a conditioned sleek shine, and both are water soluble.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I best use the 2-in-1 product?

Mix both together to find your personal. Want less shine but more hold? Mix Clay with a small portion of Pomade. Want more shine but don't need as much hold? Mix Pomade with a small portion of Clay.

How much is shipping?

North American shipping is free.

International shipping is $11.99.

Why Balens?

Balens is obsessed with providing our customers the best experience. We create products that help you achieve a better balance in your life.