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Solo Clay

Solo Clay

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Balens Matte Clay is a must for anyone looking to achieve a textured look with a matte finish. With a firm hold, and a dry look, effortless and complex styles can be achieved.

Try working into fully dried hair to get a complete natural look, or try working it into damp hair and finish by styling with a blow dryer.  The solo clay was developed to appease the high demand for this water soluble product rated as a favorite amongst many.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I best use the 2-in-1 product?

Mix both together to find your personal. Want less shine but more hold? Mix Clay with a small portion of Pomade. Want more shine but don't need as much hold? Mix Pomade with a small portion of Clay.

How much is shipping?

North American shipping is free.

International shipping is $11.99.

Why Balens?

Balens is obsessed with providing our customers the best experience. We create products that help you achieve a better balance in your life.